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Meet Amalia, "ZIA"


My name is Amalia Crawford, Zia for short. I have been working with dogs of all kinds since I was a young girl, and I pride myself on having the experience and knowledge that is required to run free roam playgroups in a safe environment. Zia means "auntie" in Italian, and that is what I am to every dog that joins us. 

Having had worked with all different kinds of dogs, I have always been super tuned in to dog behavior and how dogs socialize with each other. The truth is, dogs are more complex than we know, and they have all sorts of conversations with each other through body language that us humans can't understand. Sometimes dogs have a hard time socializing in environments such as a busier day care environment, and this turns people away from socializing their dogs further. My passion is being able to socialize dogs in the right ways, giving them the option to still socialize and exercise without any added pressure.


When dogs are given the proper space, and distractions, good socialization can be possible, and extremely important to your dogs mental state and development! Canines are pack animals. They are traditionally taught by their elders or other pack members on how to exist. They are taught things like how to play, hunt, fight and how to respect the hierarchy of the pack. Once they are allowed that proper socialization, depending on their quirks of course, they are on their way to thrive as they find their place in the world. Seeing a dog transform from being anxious and pent up, to calm and relaxed after playgroup is my favorite thing to witness!


Paws and Discover!

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